Determined but not disenchanted by the struggles of life, I sought to find my purpose for living. As with most individuals, I experienced feelings of emptiness and unfulfillment. In my early twenties even though I had the quality of life that any young man would desire, I felt as though I was still drowning. It was not until that moment, I felt the hands of the Lord taking me out of the depths of peril and only then I realize that He was the answer to my emptiness. 
I had given my life to Christ at the age of twenty-four and started worshipping at a small congregation where I became actively involved in Ministry. I was the youngest in the congregation at that time and was given tremendous exposure to minister to others. It was only when I had an epiphany that I observed that a small percentage of the youth population were willing to rise, serve and represent God. I was passionate about spreading the Gospel and I wanted others who were young like myself, to be motivated to do the same.
The concept of 412 youth came from 1 Timothy chapter four verse twelve. Paul encouraged young Timothy, to be an example through his lifestyle, so too 412youth strives to encourage the young and the young at heart to do the same.